curriculum vitae

Brett Bonk is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in the fields of sculpture and installation. Harnessing the destabilizing qualities of achingly familiar sounds, motion and sensory stimuli, Bonk’s constellative works shed rose-coloured light and nervous humour on the displacement, disorientation, loss and absurdity present in notions of queer identity.


2017 Alberta College of Art + Design:
BFA Painting with Distinction





vision’s fickle centre, peripheral flicker, denter, TRUCK Contemporary +15 Window Space, Calgary, AB (upcoming)

over filled silk, The Coven Gallery, Calgary, AB

lettuce carousels,
inertia endolymph
, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary, AB


cave, nest, sheath, Galerie Gaulin, Calgary, AB

COLLECTIVE (AS ⟨cootiecatcher⟩)


WE ARE NOT AN ISLAND Queer Zine Fair, Sled Island, Calgary, AB

and The Double Jinx Mystery, Sled Island, Calgary, AB
(with accompanying take-away artist multiple)

rec/room, CommunityWise Resource Centre, Calgary, AB
(Facilitated by Plethora Artist Guild, with accompanying limited- edition silk-screened artist book)



Sealing the Homonculous, ATB ArtVault + Sled Island, Calgary, AB


ACAD Grad Show, ACAD, Calgary, AB

SPECULOOS (Search for Planets EClipsing ULtra cOOl Stars), Untitled Art Society, Calgary, AB
(Curated by Justin Waddell and Ashley Scarlett, with collaborative silk-screened take-away artist multiple by Brett Bonk, Tess Cournoyer, Megan Fen, and Kerry Maguire)

ACAD Fibre Department Miniature Show + Silent Auction, Calgary, AB


If You’ve Come This Far: Hear/d Residency Final Exhibition, ACAD, Calgary, AB

ACAD Summer Studio Residency Final Exhibition, ACAD, Calgary, AB

The Horse Show, ACAD, Calgary, AB




ACAD Summer Studio Residency, Calgary, AB


ACADSA Hear/d Residency, Calgary, AB

ACAD Summer Studio Residency, Calgary, AB




Interview with Jane Christensen and Claire Coutts for Art AF podcast
Alongside Megan Fen, regarding ⟨cootiecatcher⟩’s contribution to Sled Island 2017

SECRETS for better living, limited-edition silkscreen artist book by Brett Bonk, Dylan Cameron, Kerry Maguire + Nicole Brunel, compiled and printed by Kerry Maguire.


If You’ve Come This Far: ACADSA Hear/d Residency Program Exhibition Catalogue, compiled and edited by Kiah Gutowski, Print.

Galerie Gaulin 2015/16 Catalogue, compiled and edited by Ashley Slemming, Print.


Dead Media: A Suite of Responses to Andrew Zawacki’s Videotape, compiled and edited by Derek Beaulieu, Print.



2017/Current Board of Directors, Untitled Arts Society, Calgary, AB

2017 Artist Assistant, In Blood and Bone, Alana Bartol, TRUCK Contemporary, Calgary, AB

2017 Board of Directors, Calgary School of Informal Education, Calgary, AB

2017 Student Studio Assistant, ACAD, Calgary, AB

2017 Practicum Student, TRUCK Contemporary, Calgary, AB

2016/17 Gallery Attendant, The New Gallery, Calgary, AB

2016/17 Director and Co-founder, The Water Cooler Gallery, Calgary, AB

2016/17 Contributor and Co-founder, The Water Cooler Residency, Calgary, AB

2016 Technical Assistant, ACAD, Calgary, AB



2015 Jason Lang Scholarship

2014 German Government Book Prize